Top 10 bộ phim Hàn chủ đề luật pháp đáng xem nhất 2022

This year is a bountiful year with film Korean legal topics when there are more than 10 movie get the subject for the law to be broadcast. And every series is good, it’s hot and even becomes a storm. Join Trường Cao đẳng Nghề Khách sạn Du lịch Quốc tế IMPERIAL to tell the best law movies in 2022 of Kdrama.

Black Hoa Lawyer – Big Mouth

Movie Big Mouth (Photo: Internet)
  • Broadcast date: July 29, 2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Oh Choong Hwan
  • Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Yoona…
  • Category: Law, drama – black, crime
  • Broadcast platform: MBC

Big Mouth movie plot

The film tells the story of a lawyer Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) who is misunderstood as “Big Mouse” – a notorious underworld criminal. He had to impersonate Big Mouse to protect his family and himself in prison. Chang Ho took the name Big Mouth to continue investigating the murder case to prove his innocence. Thrilling and unpredictable content keeps viewers looking forward to each episode. In addition, the top couple visuals of Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho also created a great success for the film. Speak Big Mouth It’s not too much to be the most popular Korean movie this year.

Big Mouth movie trailer


Extraordinary Attorney Woo – Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Movie Weird Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo (Photo: Internet)

Movie Weird Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: June 29, 2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Yoo In Shik
  • Cast: Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young,…
  • Category: Law, love
  • Broadcast platform: Netflix

Synopsis of the movie Weird Female Lawyer Woo Young Woo

The film revolves around a lawyer Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bi) who has an IQ of up to 164 but has autism. Woo Young Woo always has different thoughts about cases and finds his own solution. Those ideas were thanks to the whales that appeared in her imagination. The appearance of whales makes the film softer and cuter. Thanks to that, audiences can easily access the genre of legal films that are dry and rigid. The drama was a success beyond expectations and achieved the highest viewership ratings in the history of the ENA cap channel. Park Eun Bin’s great acting also brought the actress to a new level. Even the supporting actor of the film also shines overnight thanks to this movie. This is also one of the best Korean movies in 2022.

Trailer of the movie Weird Woman Lawyer Woo Young Woo


Why Oh Soo Jae? – Why Her?

Movie Why Oh Soo Jae?  (Photo: Internet)

Movie Why Oh Soo Jae? (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: 06/03/2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Park Soo Jin
  • Cast: Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Youp,…
  • Category: Law, drama, love, romance
  • Broadcast platform: SBS

Movie content Why Oh Soo Jae?

Why Her is the movie that caused a storm at the time of its broadcast. The film attracts viewers by the fierce struggles in the precepts. The image of Oh Soo Jae is built quite realistically, not perfect for other female leads. To climb to No. 1 she has become cold, pragmatic, giving up kindness and increasingly ambitious. But Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin) because he was so outstanding, talented and had no context, was harmed and taken advantage of by his own boss. She was demoted and had to go to the university to work as a university lecturer. Here, she met her “first client” Gong Chan (Hwang In Youp). Also thanks to Gong Chan and her group of students, Oh Soo Jae has gradually discovered the conspiracy and secret behind the law firm she is working for. In addition to the dramatic confrontation, the film is also attractive because of the gentle and warm “love of her” that moves viewers. Seo Hyun Jin’s acting was also highly appreciated by the audience, contributing to the success of the film.

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Trailer movie Why Oh Soo Jae?


Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man – Military Prosecutor Boberman


Movie Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: February 28, 2022
  • Broadcast duration: 16 episodes
  • Director: Jin Chang Gyu
  • Cast: Ahn Bo Hyun, Jo Bo Ah,…
  • Category: Law, military
  • Broadcast platform: tvN

Synopsis of the movie Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man

The film is about a lawyer guy Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) who is rejected by all law firms. After that, he was recruited by a corrupt lawyer on the condition that he become a military prosecutor for 5 years. While in the army, he meets a new female prosecutor Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah). She is the only daughter of a conglomerate and becomes a prosecutor to investigate her father’s corruption case that year. Later, the two shook hands to expose the dark truths in the army and the evils of old ghosts bullying new ghosts in the barracks. The film is quite new when letting the female characters in the film, whether the main or the villain, are extremely strong. The film also has chases and fights very “what and this” of the female lead. It can be said that this is a pretty good movie with many interesting new details.

Trailer of the movie Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man


Again My Life – Again My Life

Movie Reincarnated Prosecutor (Photo: Internet)

Movie Reincarnated Prosecutor (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: April 8, 2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Han Chul Soo
  • Cast: Lee Joon Gi, Lee Geung Young, Kim Ji Eun…
  • Category: Law, drama, fantasy, revenge
  • Broadcast platform: SBSTV

Synopsis of the movie Reincarnated Prosecutor

Reincarnation Prosecutor is a movie adapted from the famous Webtoon of the same name. The film is a revenge story of prosecutor Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) after being killed and given a second chance by the god of death. Kim Hee Woo was killed while investigating a major corruption case. After learning that he came back to life at the age of 18, he began to plan a thorough revenge and overthrow the mastermind behind manipulating everything. After years of efforts, Kim Hee Woo got his revenge and overthrew congressman Cho Tae Sub, who was said to have more underground power than the President. Accompanying Hee Woo is Kim Hee Ah – the youngest daughter of Choenha Group and close friend of law school Lee Min Soo.

Trailer of the movie Reincarnated Prosecutor


Juvenile Justice

Movie Juvenile Court (Image: Internet)

Movie Juvenile Court (Image: Internet)
  • Release date: February 25, 2022
  • Time: 10 episodes
  • Director: Hong Jong Chan
  • Cast: Kim Hye Soo, Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Sung Min, …
  • Category: Law, detective
  • Broadcast platform: Netflix
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Contents of the movie Juvenile Court

The film tells the story of female judge Shim Eun Seok (Kim Hye Soo) newly appointed as a judge at the juvenile court. She has a cold, quiet personality and always punishes uncompromisingly even though the criminal is a minor. The reason she “hates” children who commit crimes is because her son died of juvenile delinquency. And those children do not repent after committing crimes but are still forgiven because “they are too young to understand”. Shim Eun Seok looks cold and uncompromising but always judges the right person, the right crime. She did so because she was worried that the children would go down the wrong path if they were not properly educated. The film shows a completely different court and with special defendants who do not go to jail. The film also exposes loopholes in the law and controversy surrounding the education of juvenile delinquents. This is a meaningful film with profound lessons worth watching.

Trailer of the movie Juvenile Court


The Law Cafe – The Law Cafe

Movie Law Cafe (Photo: Internet)

Movie Law Cafe (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: September 5, 2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Lee Eun Jin
  • Cast: Lee Seung Gi, Lee See Young,…
  • Category: Law, love
  • Broadcast platform: KBS2

Contents of Law Cafe

The film is a romantic “salt” still story of the couple Kim Jeong Ho and Kim Yu Ri. Kim Jeong Ho (Lee Seung Gi) was once known as a “genius monster” in the industry and is a former prosecutor. And Kim Yu Ri (Lee See Young) is a lawyer with a style “slightly different from her colleagues”. Kim Jeong Ho was bored with being a prosecutor, so he resigned and returned to open a cafe providing legal advice for everyone. Here, the two men advised people on daily matters related to the law and advised those who could not afford to hire a lawyer. Law Cafe will share a lot of legal knowledge and meaningful stories for viewers. A very good and meaningful film that combines law and love.

Movie trailer for Law Cafe


Doctor Lawyer – Doctor Lawyer

Movie Law Cafe (Photo: Internet)

Movie Law Cafe (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: 06/03/2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Lee Yong Seok
  • Cast: So Ji Sub, Shin Sung Rok, Im Soo Hyang, …
  • Category: Law, medicine, revenge
  • Broadcast platform: MBC

Contents of the movie Doctor Lawyer

Han Yi Han is a genius thoracic surgeon, but he was stripped of his doctor’s license due to a medical accident. Not believing it was an accident, Han Yi Han spent four years studying law to become a medical lawyer to investigate the case that year. Accompanying Han Yi Han is female prosecutor Geum Seok Young (Im Soo Hyang) – a family member of the patient who suffered a medical accident that year. Together, the two defeated Tayden Lee – the mastermind behind it all. The new combination of law and medicine is an attractive factor for the movie Doctor Lawyer.

Trailer of the movie Doctor Lawyer


Bad Prosecutor

Movie The Prosecutor Breaks the Law (Image: Internet)

Movie The Prosecutor Breaks the Law (Image: Internet)
  • Release date: October 5, 2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Kim Sung Ho
  • Cast: Doh Kyung Soo, Lee Se Hee, Ha Joon,…
  • Category: Law, drama, action
  • Broadcast platform: Netflix
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Contents Prosecutors evade the law

The film is about a prosecutor Jin Jeong (Doh Kyung Soo) who “regularly breaks the law”. Than is a prosecutor, but Jin Jeong is not as rigid as other prosecutors. On the contrary, he belongs to the “act first” faction rather than waiting for orders from his superiors. Although he seems unprincipled, Jin Jeong is a good prosecutor who always pursues justice and truth. The film will take viewers to “handle” the criminals in a refreshing way without “waiting for orders”. This is a good movie to effectively relieve stress after working hours when the boss “makes it difficult” at the company.

Trailer of the movie Prosecutor who evades the law


The Empire Of Law – The Empire Of Law

Movie The Prosecutor's Rights (Photo: Internet)

Movie The Prosecutor’s Rights (Photo: Internet)
  • Release date: September 24, 2022
  • Time: 16 episodes
  • Director: Yoo Hyun Ki
  • Cast: Kim Sun Ah, Ahn Jae Wook, Lee Mi Sook
  • Category: Law, drama
  • Broadcast platform: JTBC

Synopsis of the movie Right of Prosecution

The film revolves around the family of Han Hye Ryul (Kim Sun Ah) and Na Geun Woo (Ahn Jae Wook) whose exterior is a desirable perfect family but deep inside are dark secrets. The Han family itself is extremely rich and powerful, but the relationships are quite complicated. The stepmother is even much younger than the eldest daughter-in-law in the family. The scene of the whole family sitting at the dining table and the position of the member get weird. Han Hye Ryul’s husband, Na Geun Woo, works as a professor at a law school and is running for the presidency. However, he still did not receive the respect of his mother-in-law and his wife’s family. The film will expose the darkness in the elite and powerful people of the country. The film does not have a novel theme, but the approach to the problem from the perspective of a member of the powerful family is what attracts viewers.

You can watch the movie trailer here

Above are 10 legal Korean movies in 2022. Which movie do you think is the best, which movies have you seen? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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