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Naming the child in accordance with the age of the parents brings a lot of luck and fortune to the parents and also helps the child to have a happy and prosperous life. The way to name children suitable for parents’ age is also based on age and par factors.

According to Asian culture, a child’s name that is suitable for parents will bring many advantages and good luck to the child as well as to the parents. To name a child that matches the age of parents, there will be 2 main points that are based on age (Three unions or Four elements of the pulse), according to the five elements of mutual birth and contrast.

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Why should you name your children according to their parents’ age?

According to the Eastern concept, everything in the universe is operated according to the Five Elements, and so are humans. The theory of the five elements of mutual birth and incompatibility has an impact on people. Therefore, naming children according to their age is in accordance with the parents’ five elements, helping to bond between the baby and the parents, helping the baby have a lot of luck, the family is always happy and happy.

When naming children, it is necessary to choose a mutual name with parents to always have luck, the family is always prosperous, and everything is happy.

What is the Five Elements of Mutual Birth – Contrast?

When naming a child suitable for age, parents need to consider the zodiac sign of the baby, the mother and father, then determine the suitable sign (mutual birth) and choose the most suitable names. The five elements are Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth:

Metals are minerals, metals

Wood is grass, flowers and leaves

Mercury is water, liquid

Fire is fire

Earth is earth

Water and Fire

Fire engraved Kim

Wood carving metal

With the five elements of mutual birth – incompatibility, when naming children that match their parents’ age, they should choose names that are compatible (mutual) and should avoid names that are incompatible (contradictory).

How to name children according to their parents’ age

The child born in any year will have the zodiac sign of that year. Based on the destiny of the child and parents to name. Usually, the ancients will rely on the father’s destiny to name their children. The naming is very simple as follows:

– Naming the child according to the five elements of mutual birth is Wood born Fire; Fire gives birth to Earth; Earth gives birth to Kim, Kim gives birth to Thuy, Thuy gives birth to Moc.

For example: If the father belongs to the Moc par, the son must belong to the Fire because the Moc gives birth to the Fire.

If the father has the Fire par, he should name his son the Earth destiny because Fire gives birth to Earth.

– Based on the year of age (12 animals) of the parents to name the child. In the 12 zodiac signs, there will be the Three Unions and the Four Elements.

The three unions are: Body – Tiger – Thin, Snake – Rooster – Ox, Pig – Rabbit – Mui, Tiger – Horse – Dog.

The four impulses are: Rat – Rooster – Rabbit – Horse, Thin – Dog – Ox – Mui, Tiger – Body – Snake – Pig.

Every year a baby is born with a different destiny. For example, a baby born in 2021 with the Zodiac sign of Buffalo, in the year of the New Ox, has a destiny of Earth (Bich Thuong Tho), then parents should name their child related to the element Fire because Fire gives birth to Earth or name their child after the element Kim because Earth gives birth to Earth. Needle. Avoid naming your children after the element of Water because Earth is in contact with Thuy, and when it is in the form of Moc because it is carved with Earth.

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Naming children that match their parents’ ages based on the theory of mutualism – Contradictions (Illustration image)

Suggestions for naming children that match their parents’ age according to the five elements

To help parents make choices about names as well as help parents better understand how to name their children according to the following five elements.

1. Naming children according to their parents’ age

Khô hanh Kim refers to autumn, strength, endurance. Babies named after the element Kim are usually strong, charismatic and have good intuition. However, the flip side of the Kim element is that she is a bit stiff, melancholy and serious, which is also a feature of Autumn.

– Some beautiful names for boys on Kim: Nguyen, Thang, Kinh, Khanh, Chung, Nghia, Thiet, Cuong, Phong, The, Huu, etc.

– Some beautiful names for girls on Kim: Doan, An, Da, My, Người nào, Hien, Nhi, Ngan, Trang, Xuyen, Vy, Van, Phuong, …

2. Naming children according to their parents’ age of Moc

Wood refers to Spring. Spring is the time when all things sprout and sprout, the weather is warm and harmonious. Babies named after carpentry also carry the sound of spring, with some flightiness, artistry, and enthusiasm. However, spring also brings disadvantages as the child is a bit impatient, easy to be impulsive, giving up work.

– Beautiful names for boys in the form of Moc: Khoi, Le, Do, Tung, Quy, Ly, Dong, Nam, Binh, Phuc, Lam, …

– Beautiful names for girls with Moc elements: Mai, Dao, Cuc, Quynh, Thao, Huong, Lan, Hue, Xuan, Tra, Khô hanh, …

3. Naming the child according to the age of the parents is Thuy

The Water element speaks of water and symbolizes winter. Babies named after the water element tend to be sensitive, artistically inclined, and like to make friends and empathize.

– Names for boys who act Thuy: Hai, Khe, Tri, Vo, Vu, Luan, Tien, Toan, Hoi, Luan, Tien, Quang, Hung, Quan, Hop, Hiep, Danh, Doan, Khoa, Giap, Ton, Khai, Quyet,…

– Names for girls in Thuy: Le, Thuy, Giang, Ha, Suong, Kieu, Loan, Nga, An, Uyen, Trinh, Khue, …

4. Name your child according to the element of Fire

Fire is fire, symbolizing the summer that always contains heat. Fire brings warmth, light and happiness. Babies named after fire are usually smart, quick, and funny. However, the Fire element will also make the baby have the disadvantage of being hasty and not very interested in the feelings of others.

– Names for boys of the Fire element: Duc, Thai, Duong, Nhat, Minh, Sang, Huy, Quang, Dang, Nam, Hung, Hiep, etc.

– Names for girls with fire: Dan, Cam, Anh, Thanh, Thu, Ha, Hong, Linh, Huyen, Dung…

5. Give the baby a name for the planet Earth

Earth represents the land, the place to grow and nurture, and also the place of birth and death of all things. Babies with Earth names tend to be loyal, patient, and trustworthy. However, the baby with the name of the Earth element is somewhat conservative.

– Names for boys who practice Tho: Son, Bao, Kiet, Dien, Quan, Trung, Hoang, Thanh, Kien, Dai, Bang, Giap, Hoa, Thach, Lap, Long, Truong, etc.

– Names for girls on Earth: Tran, Ngoc, Chau, Anh, Dieu, Thao, Khue, etc.

Name the children according to the appropriate par (Illustration image)

50 Names for girls that match their parents’ age

Parents can refer to the following good names for babies that are suitable for their parents’ age:

1. Nga Quynh: Beautiful girl, always shining, mysterious.

2. To Nhu: Beautiful, powerful, knowledgeable.

3. Diep Thao: I am full of life, strong like a weed.

4. Xuyen Chi: A beautiful, charming, attractive girl.

5. An Diep: Parents hope you have a lot of luck, peace and joy.

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6. Thien Kim: Lady radio, you will have a prosperous life.

7. My Ngoc: Beautiful, arrogant, talented girl.

8. Minh Anh: Smart, agile, talented girl.

9. Nguyet Anh: You are the light of your parents’ life.

10. Kim Chi: Charming, noble, beautiful girl.

11. My Duyen: She is graceful, beautiful, and proud.

12. My Dung: A beautiful, meek, and talented girl.

13. Sunshine: You are the light of your parents’ life, a girl full of energy, confident, shining, strong.

14. Linh Dan: Children are the driving force and love of parents.

15. Tuong Vy: a beautiful vy wall brings good luck

16. Vy Anh: an excellent girl, a good and smooth life path

17. Van Giang: The beautiful river of clouds

18. Bao Quyen: a gentle and dignified girl

19. My Phuong: a girl who is both beautiful and gentle

20. Apricot: leaves on apricot branches

21. Quynh Mai: the elegant beauty of the apricot tree

22. Peace of mind: keep your mind always at ease, without any worries

23. Huyen Anh: Magical beauty, elite and profound mystery

24: An Nhien: I am always optimistic, love life, happy, have a lot of luck.

25. Thao Nguyen: In the future, many opportunities and luck will come to you.

26. Tuyet Nhung: A gentle girl with a rich and rich life.

27. Nha Phuong: The girl is beautiful, gentle, full of love and meek.

28. Cat Tien: The girl has a gentle and elegant beauty.

29. Anh Thu: The girl has wisdom, deep understanding, intelligence, and radio.

30. Thanh Tu: The girl has a slim, elegant and intelligent beauty.

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31. Tu Vy: Beautiful, gentle, intelligent girl.

32. Ha Vu: Summer rain, you will be beautiful, meek, gentle.

33. Van Khanh: Clouds of happiness, joy, and peace.

34. Bao Người nào: The girl has an honest, tolerant, benevolent soul, a treasure of her parents.

35. Hoai Phuong: A gentle, gentle girl who dares to face difficulties.

36. Thao Linh: I am always active, full of energy, love life, and be creative.

37. Vang Anh: A talented, vivacious, dynamic, beautiful girl.

38. Que Anh: An educated, intelligent, sharp girl.

39. Ha Giang: Parents wish you to be good, smart and have many good opportunities for you.

40. Tue Man: I have wisdom, intelligence, insight.

41. Thao Nhi: A small, lovely, intelligent, loving girl.

42. Thu Ha: A beautiful, gentle girl like autumn.

43. Minh Tam: The girl has a pure, kind and noble soul.

44. Quynh Chi: Beautiful, graceful, gentle.

45. My Le: The beauty of heaven, the radio.

46. ​​Tu Linh: A delicate, beautiful, smart, agile girl

47. To Uyen: A beautiful, proud, mysterious girl.

48. Khanh Ngan: My life will be prosperous and happy.

49. Kim Oanh: The girl has a sweet, đáng yêu, beautiful voice.

50. Khô hanh Ngan: Luck, happiness and peace will come to you.

Beautiful names for girls (Artwork)

50 Good names for boys that match their parents’ age

1. An Nhat: The sun is gentle

2. Sunlight: I’m smart, bright like the sun

3. Bao Nhat: A child is a precious gift from God to parents and a smart child

4. An Thanh: Peace, everything will come true

5. Cong Thanh: I hope you achieve what you want

6. Khoi Nguyen: People are always bright, steady, calm.

7. Vi Khoi: A guy with a strong vision.

8. Dang Khoi: Shining like a lighthouse, loved by everyone.

0. Cao Khoi: I will pass all the prestigious exams.

10. Duc Binh: My baby always lives virtuously and peacefully.

11. Duc Thong: Gentle, kind, sympathetic to others

12. Quang Sang: Indicates intelligence, bright talent, extensive learning, more understanding than people

13. Quoc Thien: Everything you want can be achieved

14. Ngoc Minh: Baby is a shining pearl for the family.

15. Nhat Minh: Bright light, intelligent and erudite.

16. Ngoc Son: The brightest jewel on the mountain top, spreading inspiration to everyone around.

17. Nhat Anh: Peaceful life, lifelong luck.

18. Ngoc Chau: Jade is a precious stone, Chau in the Vietnamese Han-Vietnamese meaning is a pearl, a precious gem.

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19. Conqueror: Expressing the success, glory, and fame of the world in the future.

20. Huy Dien: Hope your future work flourishes and prospers.

21. Minh Dong: Smart kids

22. Ngoc Dong: You are your parents’ precious jewel

23. Binh An: Wishing you all the peace in life

24. Zhuge Liang: I am the one who brings joy to the whole family

25. Tue Cat: I hope you are talented and always happy and love life

26. Bao Cuong: I hope you are always healthy and resilient

27. Duy Cuong: You are a smart, healthy child

28. An Chau: Name his son Chau. In the han-Vietnamese sense, an is Binh An, and Chau in the han-Vietnamese meaning is pearls and precious gems.

29. Minh Duong: I hope you are smart and talented to illuminate the whole family

30. Tung Duong: You are a green tree that glorifies the family

31. Bao Kim: I hope you have a prosperous and rich life

32. Gia Kim: You are the pride and luck of the whole family

33. Hai Minh: I hope you grow up to explore the world with your intelligence

A beautiful name for a boy will be a favorable start for him (Artwork)

34. Hien Minh: I hope you are both talented and virtuous

35. Bao Ngoc: Named his son Bao Ngoc, a pearl of his parents. Children are the rarest jewel.

36. Anh Nguyen: A good, intact start

37. Anh Nguyen: Full of light, only you are a kind and honest person

38. Ba Nguyen: May you shine and be famous

39. Lighthouse: You are a bright light in the night

40. Hong Dang: The red light

41. Phuc Dien: I hope you always do good deeds

42. Cat Ha: You are the light that brings laughter to everyone

43. Conqueror: Only success, glory, fame in the world

44. Bao Hung: Means a prosperous and prosperous life

45. Gia Hung: I will make a career, brighten the whole family.

46. ​​Phuc Hung: People bring blessings to the whole family, the clan develops.

47. Hung Thinh: Public fame, career money is always steady, rising like a kite in the wind.

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48. Gia Hung: I will make the family prosperous

49. Quoc Hung: I hope you have a prosperous and auspicious life

50. Chi Kien: Symbol of the will to persevere, not to give up

Naming the child according to the age of the parents will change each year according to the baby’s destiny, but the naming method is almost the same. Parents can rely on the five elements of mutual birth to choose to have a child with a destiny, which is also a good choice.

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