Những người nên cầu siêu cho thai nhi để được an lành

Những người nên cầu siêu cho thai nhi để được an lành

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Những người nên cầu siêu cho thai nhi để được an lành -

According to the theory of causality: “When a mother has an abortion, ie has committed murder, that mother has a very heavy karmic force. This karma will not be able to disappear spontaneously, but will bind each other forever, sometimes even remaining. meet each other on earth to collect debts, sometimes the child follows resentment, but the mother’s life encounters many difficulties.

Everyone thinks that only the mother has to bear the responsibility of rejecting the fetus and only the mother has to go to the toilet, but according to the monks, that is not the case.
I/ Who Should Go to the Super Bridge for the Unborn baby

Every year, usually in the 7th lunar month every year at the pagodas, the ceremony of praying for Thai Nhi takes place at the pagodas. When performing the ceremony to pray for the birth of the fetus at the temple, the parents or the person doing the ceremony only need to sincerely attend, the ceremony is done by the temple.

According to Venerable Thich Giai Hien, a professor at the Vietnam Buddhist Academy, in Buddhism, praying for supplication is a common prayer ceremony for the deceased. Whether a person is born or not, the mind still exists, there are still relationships with relatives. Unborn babies, rejected by their parents, are the types of people who die without consent and acceptance, so they cannot escape. The general meaning is that the living person uses sincerity, repentance, and dedicates merit to the deceased, so that the souls of the dead will soon be liberated.

“When the child’s spirit does not escape, the resentment is not released, the living person will not be at peace, life will also encounter many difficulties. In the Buddhist concept, coming together is a predestined relationship. Creating a child but throwing it away, inadvertently, the parent has created a grudge against the most loved ones. Parents should understand this to preserve and not do wrong. If it happens, you have to face it to solve it, repent and repent for yourself and others. That is not only meaningful to a family but also meaningful to a society and a country.” sitter said.

Those who have had an abortion and those who have had a miscarriage, or for any other reason that the doctor has ordered to have an abortion, should also pray for the unborn baby to escape. This has great spiritual significance.

With aborted fetuses, babies can roam around with their parents to find a way to reincarnate back to that house, folk people call it a baby, these babies often have birthmarks on their bodies to “mark”. “, there are also babies who can’t be reincarnated, just hanging around their mother’s pants for many years. Praying for help makes it easier for children to escape, children who are intentionally broken by their parents are more difficult to escape than those who have had a miscarriage, and some children have to pray for help until the third time to get out.

Transcendence for the fetus must be done according to the correct ritual, can not be done arbitrarily if you want to. After 21 days from the ceremony, he will help the souls of the children to escape or find new parents to reincarnate.

According to the theory of causality: “When a mother has an abortion, ie has committed murder, that mother has a very heavy karmic force. This karma will not be able to disappear spontaneously, but will bind each other forever, sometimes even remaining. meet each other in the world to collect debts, sometimes the child follows resentment, but the mother’s life encounters many difficulties.Abortion people must remember that they have created killing karma next to unpaid karma. between me and that unborn child. The two karmas overlap, it will be very heavy, creating countless situations and many tragedies when the two consciousnesses face each other through a certain predestination.”

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In order to solve the predestined relationship between the fetus and the mother, it is not simply asking for help, but the mothers need to practice sincerely, only the sincerity and love of the mother can help the fetus. resentment, sadness.

Usually, broken babies are very innocent and need the warm love and care of their mothers. Before praying for help, you have to give your baby a beautiful name, if you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, choose a neutral name with a little meaning. Monks advise that when you think you’re a boy, you’ll be a boy, when you believe you’re a girl, you’re a girl, which is the invisible, spiritual connection between mother and baby.

You should know that, no matter where you go, whatever you do, your baby often follows her mother and is always waiting for her mother at home. If you get married, give birth to a baby, the baby is abandoned, often jealous of him when he sees him being cared for, loved and pampered, sometimes they sit next to him and play.

So what should you do? Don’t be afraid, your baby is your child, so he just needs your attention. Buy nice toys and clothes for your baby. And you tell your baby what his name is, call him by his name affectionately, then you show him nice clothes, you sit and play with the new toy – like playing with him and having a friendly conversation. With me, I’m playing with you. Tell your baby that you love him so much, you will be happier if he escapes to find new parents. When you eat, you should leave your baby and ask him to eat with him, he won’t eat but he feels how much you love him. You do this for a while until the baby feels confident, comforted, happy, then you should go to the toilet for him.

Talking about gullible children, the teachers say, some masters can see the souls of the dead and can tell if the baby in the womb is a boy or a girl, even if only a few weeks pregnant, even the mother is still alive. I don’t know I’m pregnant, but the teachers already know boys and girls (such as the abbot of Huong Pagoda Thich Vien Thanh has that ability, unfortunately he is no longer). Back to the story of seeing the spirit, there was a big tree in front of a small temple in Bac Ninh, one day the monks decided to cut down that tree to rebuild the temple gate. The monks invited a good monk from another temple to come see and advise, and when the monk came, he told them that the tree could not be cut down because there was a baby living there. The monks were amazed. Then the new monk spoke to the child, asking why are you here? The baby just said that his mother told him to stay here and wait, and then she’ll be back, so he’s not going anywhere.

At this point, the monks remembered that six years ago there was a baby abandoned by a tree, because it was discovered late that the baby was born prematurely, so they couldn’t save it. So the monks have to perform the ceremony to pray for the baby twice before going there, friends. So the teacher said that you must not break your promise to the child, if you have promised something to the child, you must fulfill it, because the child will always believe what you say and wait for you to fulfill that promise!

The teachers also told me that there are many cases where, after having an abortion, the woman got married but never got pregnant, even though she went to the doctor without any problems. If you can’t cure the east and west, it’s time to go to the fortune teller, the fortune teller said that there are children’s spirits following the hauntings, so other souls cannot reincarnate, the karma is heavy, so they have to retire to get pregnant again. They returned home to ask for help from the monks. After a few months of being pregnant, these women often became spiritual and they often visited the temple to talk and find peace in their souls.

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If you follow the spiritual topic about the superpower, you will know

1/ Firstly, you are not allowed to worship unborn babies, you are only allowed to worship babies who were born but unfortunately passed away and have been mortified. It is not recommended to set up an altar for the fetus because if you set up an altar, the fetus will be around the family and cannot be reincarnated into another family. Therefore, the mother should pray and pray for the fetus to be reincarnated into another body, which means the rebirth of that fetus. When praying for super, you can give your baby a name, buy things for him according to the teacher’s request, so the fetus will be more comforted and reassured. Therefore, with the dead fetuses in the mother’s womb, they should not worship and should only pray for supplication. See more details in the article: “Should you build an altar for the unborn baby?”

2/ Secondly, after praying for the baby, every night you have to recite the rebirth mantra 21 times until the baby is truly transcended after 21 days, the baby is transcended and then your karma will be reduced, from then on. doing good deeds to end karma. The rebirth mantra has 3 versions: Sanskrit, Chinese and Vietnamese. Usually people use the Chinese version to chant in temples.

Below is the Chinese version of the old uncle

Namo a di da a lady

1. Forgiving and forgiving

2. Dirty da tha tha.

3. A di di value of Ba Bì

4. I’m going to have to go to the hospital

5. A multi-tiered traveller

6. A di ria da, ti ca lan da

7. Go to the gym

8. Only multi-casual ca la ba ha.

3/ Thirdly, you must apologize to your child, if you have a mistake, you should sincerely apologize, maybe you do not understand my mother’s apology, but the spiritual meaning of apologizing will reduce karma. You should also remember to tell the child who the father is, because many children only know their mother but do not know the father, maybe because the two have broken up and have not seen each other, the child has lost this idea, and some children know it. Know your father and follow him but not your mother.

4/ Fourthly, when the baby is lost or destroyed, you have to wait 35 days to pray for super, the sooner the baby prays, the faster the baby will be able to escape, often these babies will be reincarnated without following their mother. baby again.

Master Thich Thanh Tuan, Quan Su pagoda said: “Many cases of men also go to pray. It is a 40-year-old man who hesitates in front of the temple’s living room. When asked, this man is new. 10 years ago, his girlfriend accidentally got pregnant, but because of their difficult conditions, they had to let go of that “drop of blood”. her husband still can’t have children, he said, very regretful for his old job and wanted to do a prayer ceremony to hope that the abandoned child would be relieved and help his parents so that the two of them could have more “seeds of life”. ” new.

It is also the story of a man who is an official. His wife died early, but he did not walk anymore, but “married” to a woman in her 30s. When this woman announced that she was carrying his “blood drop”, he was startled and thought about his career. By all means, he forced the woman to leave the child… That torment made him sleepless at night. This year, he is 60 years old, but he still registers to pray for his baby so that he can live peacefully for the rest of his life” – quoted from Vietnam Law newspaper. awake, should not arbitrarily live loosely and then destroy their children.

Regarding the procedure for praying for help from each temple, before going to the temple, you should write down the full name of the baby’s father, mother, baby’s name, address (both you and your boyfriend or husband’s) on a piece of paper. the number of weeks of the baby’s age and the year of death. Then give it to the teacher. The ceremony is not complicated, the temple will guide you to complete the procedure, what to buy and what not to buy.

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In Vietnam, many pagodas have rituals to pray for super, but not always the teachers pray. The time to perform the praying ceremony of the pagodas is not fixed in a specific month but is usually done in the 7th lunar month.

II/ Common mistakes when praying for the fetus

– Most of the people who go to the toilet are old people, have experienced many ups and downs, understand and believe in the law of cause and effect in life.

– And young people make the mistake of many people who do not dare to go, or are afraid to sit all day, at the end of the session, they will finish the ceremony to pray for the birth of the fetus. So they just register, send money, or give the monk a ceremony. But according to spiritualists, doing so is not going anywhere. Parents who have the heart to register to pray for the fetus, when going to the altar, need a mother or father to attend the ceremony. It is best to have a prayer session with enough parents and fathers present.

– The time of the ceremony to pray for super fetus is often held from the occasion of Vu Lan to the end of the year.

– Parents who mistakenly want to pray for the fetus should attend the ceremony to pray for the fetus at the temple, because there are genuine monks who study and practice methodically, and also focus on studying for 3 months of the lunar calendar every year. In the summer, should have high energy to perform the ceremony of praying for super safety, helping parents to repent in front of the court of conscience to regain their relief, serenity, and most importantly, the faith to help the unborn babies super exit.

– According to the teachings of monk Thich Thanh Tinh (abbot of Tay Thien Phu Nghi Pagoda), in the altar to pray for the birth of a baby, thanks to the Buddha’s saving vows, each person’s heart with a candle will become a sacred torch. , creating compassionate energy to illuminate the way to the Pure Land for children, helping everyone to understand and spread a spiritual belief. The great aspiration of the monks is to awaken young people, to help those who are about to become parents to live a healthy life, to understand and keep themselves from making mistakes.

Some pagodas said that parents who show their concern for the Red children just need to buy a simple ceremony, including:

– Milk, confectionery, toys…

– Each fetus has 2 sets of code clothes (because the gender is unknown, 1 pregnancy has 2 sets of codes for both boys and girls), parents need to cut paper clothes for the fetus. If possible, it is better to donate real clothes, clothes, and then give it to charity.

– Parents, don’t forget to release life.

Some things that should not be done in the ceremony of praying for the super fetus:

– Do not burn too many votive papers.

– Do not offer salty food, do not kill to make offerings.

– Do not mourn with the spirit because it is said to make the spirit become attached to it, not wanting to leave, so it cannot be liberated.


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