Những danh ngôn, câu nói nổi tiếng của Quản Trọng về tư tưởng trị quốc

Những danh ngôn, câu nói nổi tiếng của Quản Trọng về tư tưởng trị quốc

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Những danh ngôn, câu nói nổi tiếng của Quản Trọng về tư tưởng trị quốc - (Trường Cao đẳng Nghề Khách sạn Du lịch Quốc tế IMPERIAL) - Guan Zhong is considered a rare talent in Chinese history. Moreover, Quan Trong's beautiful sayings about using people and ruling the country are still valid today.

  1. Who is Quan Trong?
  2. Guan Zhong’s beautiful sayings about the ideology of national governance

As the person who brought the Qi state during the Spring and Autumn period to become powerful, Quan Trong became a great monument respected and respected by Qi Huan Gong and other nobles at that time. Below is a summary of Guan Zhong’s beautiful sayings through which you can see his military and political genius.

1. Who is Quan Trong?

Guan Zhong (Chinese: 管仲) was born in 725 BC and died in 645 BC, was a politician, military and thinker of the Spring and Autumn Warring States period. He is from Dinh Thuong (now Dinh Thuong district, Anhui province), a descendant of King Zhou Mu.

His family was poor, but he was more talented than others, so Quan Trong was recommended by Bao Thuc Nha to be an official.

Thanks to Bao Thuc Nha’s help, he became an assistant for Duke Cu, while Bao Thuc Nha was an assistant for Duke Tieu Bach. After Qi Wuzhi ascended the throne, Duke Cu had to take refuge in the country of Lu, while Duke Tieu Bach had to go to the country of Lu, waiting for the opportunity to usurp the throne.

Not long after, Qi Wuzhi was killed, and the two sons immediately set out to return home to take the throne. When they accidentally bumped into each other, Guan Zhong, because he wanted Duke Cu to be king, shot an arrow at Gongzi Tieu Bach. However, Prince Tieu Bach not only did not die, but also returned to the country, inheriting the throne to become the king of the state of Qi – ie Duke of Qi.

Immediately afterwards, Duke Huan immediately informed the State of Lu to kill Gongzi Cu and arrest Guan Zhong. He also gave Bao Thuc Nha the position of Prime Minister, but Bao Thuc Nha thought that his ability was not really outstanding, so he recommended Guan Zhong.

Because of the archery feud in the past, Duke Qi Huan thought that he could not use Guan Zhong. Bao Thuc Nha replied, “Of course because of Duke Cu, he shot the upper army, now if the upper army respects him, he will shoot the whole world with that arrow!” This made Duke Qi change his view of Guan Zhong.

As soon as he became prime minister, Guan Zhong reformed the state of Qi in many ways. Politically, he divided the country into several villages, each of which would focus on a particular area of ​​commerce. He abolished the tax collection based on the aristocracy and applied taxes directly to each village unit.

He divided the population into four groups: officials, farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. He then established effective and professional methods of training and selecting new talent.

Economically, Quan Trong introduced a unified tax schedule. He also encouraged people to actively produce salt and iron using state resources; Historians often credit Guan Zhong as the proponent of the state monopoly on these two commodities.

Since Guan Zhong became prime minister, the state of Qi became more powerful than ever, Duke of Qi under his help was also honored as the head of the Five Bodies.

Guan Zhong (725 BC – 645 BC)

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2. Guan Zhong’s beautiful sayings about national politics

As a talented politician and military man, Quan Trong’s sayings are always admired by his intelligence and outstanding leadership. Here are some good quotes by Quan Trong about the idea of ​​governing the country through a dialogue with King Qi Hoan Cong (based on the novel Dong Chu Lies Quoc – author Phung Mong Long) that you can read and ponder. .

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1. Duke Huan asked: “What should I do to correct the relationship?”

Guan Zhong replied, “Rite, righteousness, integrity, and decency are the four essential things in the country. If these four things cannot be kept, then the country must be lost. Now, if the lord wants to correct the rules, he should keep these four things and govern the people, then discipline will be established, and the world will be so strong.”

2. Qi Huan asked: “How to rule the people?”

Guan Zhong replied, “If you want to rule the people, you must first love the people.”

3. Duke Huan asked: “What should we do if we love the people?”

Guan Zhong replied, “The Duke and Duchess are in charge of the clan, and the people are in charge of the clan. If they have things to worry about and enjoy together, the people will be friendly with each other. Forgiving old sins, correcting old hierarchies, restoring to the ungodly, the people will be so crowded. Less penalties, less taxes, the people are so rich. Using a sage, expanding the country’s education and culture, the people will be so polite. If you issue an order and don’t amend it, the people will strictly follow it. That is the religion of the people.”

4. Duke Huan asked: “Once you have followed the religion of loving the people, how does the religion treat the people?”

Guan Zhong replied: “Soldiers, farmers, workers, and merchants are called the four peoples, so think of ways to expand, so that all four people can keep their jobs, then the people will be at peace.”

Summary of the good sayings of Guan Zhong 2

5. Duke Huan asked: “The people are quiet but the armor is not enough, what to do?”

Guan Zhong replied: “If you want to have enough armor, the punishment should be set up for redemption: for serious crimes, one must be redeemed with an armor, for minor crimes, one must be redeemed for a shield, for minor crimes, the vessel is to be surrendered, and for minor crimes, one must be given a weapon. forgiven, 1 and those who are relativistic, have to hand over a bunch of names and then make a tie. When they get these vessels, the good ones use them to boost the armor for the horse, the bad ones make all kinds of farm implements, plow hoes and hoes, and use them for farming.”

6. Qi Huan asked: “I already have the armor, but what if I don’t use it enough?”

Guan Zhong replied: “Mining to mint money, cooking pool water to make salt, for the common good of the whole world. How much do you collect from the world’s goods, trade in one place, wait for a high opportunity to sell for a profit; build three hundred women’s houses for the merchants and tourists to gather there, so that they can tax them, and then they will have enough to use them.”

7. Qi Huan asked: “If you have enough money, but the soldiers are few, what should you do if the power is not strong?”

Guan Zhong replied: “The army does not need much, the core needs to be elite; Strength is not because of strength, but because of thinking in the stomach. Now, the lord reorganizes the army, repairs the armor and soldiers, and then he is better than anyone else. If the princess wants to make the army strong, then she must hide her voice on the outside but really correct the inside, I would like to perform the internal magic, but actually use the military command magic in it.”

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8. Qi Huan asked: “How is the internal law?”

Guan Zhong replied: “The internal law is to divide the country into 21 incense, then 6 are to take care of industry and trade, and 15 are to take care of them. soldier. Industry and trade will have enough money, the army will have enough people.”

9. Duke Huan asked: “How can the army have enough people?”

Quang Trung replied:

“Make a fund for every 5 houses, set the position of chief treasurer. Ten funds are 1 reason, set up a limited liability company. 4 reasons is 1 link, the link has the leader. 10 consecutive is 1 incense, the direction to choose the position of the nucleus. We take that as a military order: 5 houses to make 1 fund, 5 people to make 1 team, led by the chief treasurer. If 10 funds are 1 li, there are 50 people who make 1 small velvet, led by Ly’s company. Four reasons to do 1 row, then 200 people turn into 1 good, led by the leader. 10 people make 1 incense, then 2000 people make a pilgrimage, led by the salaryman of the incense.

Thus, the five incenses formed an army – ten thousand people, led by the incense of the five incense, 15 incense is enough for 3 armies. Lord of the year kept 1 army, the Cao family, the Quoc family, 1 army each. When the four seasons are không tính phí, practice hunting. Spring is called a collection to hunt animals without gills; The people in the summer are called cats to eliminate harmful varieties of cereals. Collecting money is called killing and punishing for favorable autumn and winter conditions. They are called beasts, hunt around for success, and use that for people to practice their jobs. martial.

Thus, the army is adjusted in the villages, but the soldiers are trained in the field, the orders inside have been fulfilled, there is no change. People in each year share misfortunes and misfortunes, people are friends with each other, families are friends with each other, live together forever, play together since childhood.

Thus, fighting at night, just listening to each other’s voices is enough to not be mistaken, fighting during the day, just seeing each other familiar is enough to not run, the love each other is enough to live and die together. When they live together, they are happy, when they die, they are sad, when they stay together, they are strong, and when they die, they are strong. There are 30,000 people like that, enough to cross the world.”

10. Duke Huan asked: “The army is strong, should we go to fight the vassal countries?”

Guan Zhong replied, “You shouldn’t go and fight yet, because the Zhou Dynasty hasn’t protected the neighboring country yet! If the lord wants to fight the vassal countries, he must first respect the Zhou Dynasty and be close to his neighbors.”

11. Duke Huan asked: “How can the vassal countries comply?”

Guan Zhong replied, “If you don’t covet their possessions, the vassal countries, which country will not want to give them back, will give them back to others and bring them gifts and visit them. . be kind to yourself. May the lord allow 80 wanderers to be used, give them carriages, horses, coats, and hats, and let them bring goods and goods to sell in different countries, so as to find out the interests of people above and below them.

Find out which country has any sin to bring troops – fight, then it can take more land. Which country has rioters? If bandits usurp the throne and bring troops to fight, they can establish prestige. Thus, the vassal countries, which countries do not believe in the Kingdom of Qi. Water then. When Qi had to take care of the vassal states that had to worship the gods of the Zhou dynasty, and force them to take care of the tribute, the royal family would respect the state of Qi. Until then, in today’s hegemony, the princess will not be able to refuse.”

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12. Duke Huan asked: “I want to follow your plan to make my will, I have to use my house as prime minister, why don’t you accept it?”

Guan Zhong replied, “It doesn’t take a single tree to build a big house, it doesn’t take a stream of water to make large pools. If a princess has such will, then five masters should be used.

If I have good communication skills and know how to keep polite, I am not as good as Low Bang, please let Low Bang be a great self-propelled man. If I have the talent to open up, know how to cultivate, I am not as good as Ninh Viet, please let Ninh Viet be the great private land; If I have the talent to train soldiers and make people forget to die, I am not as good as Thanh Phu, please let Thanh Phu be a great horse.

If I have the talent to judge the prison sentence, to prevent people from being unjust, I am not as good as Tan Tu Vo, please let Tan Tu Vo be the attorney general. If I have an upright personality, see what is wrong, I must say it immediately, without fear of nobles, then I am not as good as Dong Quach Nha, please let Dong Quach Nha be a great spy. If the lord wants to be strong, he must use these 5 people, if there are 5 people, then I will serve as a coward, and also try to obey the princess’ orders.

13. Duke Huan asked: “I have a habit of liking women, is this harmful to the country?”.

Guan Zhong replied, “No, lust for beauty is not harmful to the country. Not listening to the advice of talented people is harmful to the country and the world.”

Summary of the good sayings of Guan Zhong 3

14. Duke Huan asked: “What are the things that are harmful to the hegemony of karma?”

Guan Zhong replied, “Ignoring a sage person will harm the karma of a tyrant; knowing a sage person without using it will harm him; if he uses it without being dedicated, it will harm him. Karma”

15. Duke Huan asked: “I just succeeded to the throne, I don’t want to be constantly interfered in my country, now I want to fight the country of Lu first, should I?”

Guan Zhong replied, “The main army has not been decided yet and cannot be used.”

In addition, in the book of Quan Tu, the famous saying of Guan Zhong is circulated as follows:

The first year is like a cup of tea,
The next decade is like a tree.
Life-long limb is like a recipient,
Most of the most kém chất lượng plan, wild cup.
Most of the collection of false plans, rustic,
The most false plan, the wild.


Next year, spend by planting rice,
Next 10 years, spend by planting trees.
Plan for a lifetime, pay by planting people,
Plant one, reap one, that is rice.
Plant one, reap ten, that is the tree,
Plant one, reap a hundred, that’s human.

Through the beautiful words of Quan Trong, we can see that he is a great man who not only has his wisdom and many schemes to help Qi Huan gain publicity, but also wins the hearts of the people and makes people respect him.

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