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What is a student card delivery receipt, what is the goal of the diary template? What are the student regulations? Student card delivery receipt form? Instructions to change the log?

When the partners carry out the delivery of student cards between the card making unit and the school or between the school and the class groups, it will be done according to the student card delivery book. So what is the form and content of student card delivery and receipt?

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1. What is the student card delivery and receipt minutes, the purpose of the minutes?

According to Clause 2 of Decree 10/2016/TT-BGDDT promulgating the work regulations of regular university training students:

“first. Students specified in this regulation are students who study a full-time university-level training program in a college.

2. Students are the center of educational and training activities in colleges, are guaranteed conditions to perform their obligations and rights in the process of studying and training in educational institutions. sex. and Training.”

Student card is a document to prove a student’s identity, a measure of the student’s identity with the school, a student card is also an exam card, a library card, allowing students to participate in activities, exams. nominate and use school property. library, in some cases. The presentation of a student card is to prove which school the student belongs to, and has related rights and obligations.

The student card delivery and receipt record is a document form made by the student card issuer and the student card recipient. Representatives of the partners will make a minutes when the two parties hand over the student cards to the partners. The ritual has the content of recording the process of handing over and receiving student cards.

Objective of the student card delivery receipt template: When the school has completed the delivery of student cards to its students, the partners will deliver and receive student cards. The record of student card delivery aims to prove the correct and sufficient delivery and receipt of student cards, records the working process of the partners, the two parties confirm the content of the minutes and jointly sign. with confirmation of the accuracy of the records. .

2. Regulations related to students:

student work

Student work is one of the key tasks of colleges, including general education propaganda; manage; student support and services to ensure the Goals of higher education.

Students’ work must comply with the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Student work must ensure democracy, objectivity, fairness, publicity and clarity on student-related issues.

Decree No. 10/2016/TT-BGDĐT promulgating the regulations on student work for the regular university training program, the duties and interests of students are specified as follows:

“Article 4. Obligations of students

1. To abide by the guidelines and lines of the Party, the policies and laws of the State, the university’s charter and the regulations and rules of the higher education institution.

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2. Study and practice according to the education and training programs and plans of the higher education institution; Positive, proactive self-study, research, intelligence, moral training, lifestyle.

3. Respect teachers, administrators, officials and employees of the school; unite and support each other in the process of learning and training; well implement the cultural life in the school.

4. Preserve and protect property; jobs that contribute to the protection, construction and promotion of the school’s traditions.

5. Fully comply with regulations on medical examination at the beginning of the course and periodical medical examination during the study period as prescribed by the higher education institution.

6. Pay tuition fees and health insurance in full and on time.

7. Participating in collective work, voluntary activities and social activities for the collective, suitable to their abilities and health as required by the higher education institution.

8. To perform labor obligations with a definite term according to the mobilization of the State, when granted a scholarship by the State, and to be sponsored by the State for training expenses at home or abroad according to the Agreement signed with the State, if If not accepted, the scholarship must be refunded. and training costs. according to government regulations.

9. Participating in the fight against negativity and cheating in studying, taking exams and other activities of students; immediately report to the faculty, the effective department, the head of the school or the competent authority when detecting negative behaviors, cheating in studying, taking exams or illegal activities, violating regulations and other regulations of pupils, students, officials and teachers in higher education institutions.

10. Participate in ensuring traffic safety, order and safety, crime prevention and social evils in schools, families and collectives.

11. Perform other related tasks as prescribed by law and by the higher education institution.

Article 5. Rights of students

1. To be admitted to study in the right field or profession for which they have been registered if they meet all the conditions for enrollment as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training and by the higher education institution.

2. To be respected and treated equally; be fully distributed private information on study and training in accordance with the regulations of the higher education institution; publicize the rules, regulations on training, practice and the State’s mechanisms and policies related to students.

3. To be provided with conditions for study, scientific research and training, including:

a) Using the library system and equipment in service of learning, scientific research, culture, art, physical training and sports;

b) Participating in scientific research, excellent student contests, Olympic competitions in all subjects, science and technology intelligence contests;

c) Health care and protection in accordance with current regulations of the State;

dd) Register for admission to study, participate in student exchange activities abroad; transfer learning at higher training levels according to current regulations;

dd) Participate in activities of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Student Association; participate in student self-governing organizations and related social activities inside and outside the school as prescribed by law; healthy cultural, artistic and sports activities suitable to the training objectives of the higher education institution;

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f) Using existing social work services of higher education institutions (including career guidance services, job counseling, health counseling, psychology, support for students with difficult circumstances) ). peculiarity,…)

g) Temporarily absent from school, stop studying, study according to slow progress, fast progress, study two programs at the same time, transfer schools according to the training regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training; are entitled to summer vacation, Tet holiday, and public holidays according to regulations.

4. Inheriting mechanisms and policies, to be considered for granting study promotion scholarships, scholarships sponsored by domestic and foreign organizations and private individuals according to current regulations; be exempted or reduced fees when using public services according to regulations on traffic, entertainment, visiting collecting agencies, historical and cultural relics according to the State’s regulations.

5. To give opinions and participate in the management and supervision of educational activities and conditions for ensuring education quality; directly or through a legal representative to offer solutions contributing to the construction and growth of higher education institutions; raise wishes and complaints to the Head of the higher education institution to remedy problems related to students’ legitimate rights and interests.

6. To be considered in the dormitory and given priority when being placed in the dormitory according to regulations.

7. Eligible students for graduation confirmation receive diplomas, certificates, transcripts of study and training process, related documents and other administrative procedures.

Article 6. Behaviors students are not allowed to do

1. Infringing upon the quality, honor and body of teachers, administrators, civil servants, public employees, pupils and students of the school and of others.

2. Cheating in studying, reviewing and taking exams such as copying papers, bringing documents into the exam room, asking for scores; study, review, practice, look after or ask others to study, review, practice and look after themselves; copy, request or make essays, projects, graduation theses; organize or participate in contests or other fraudulent practices.

3. Smoking, drinking alcohol, beer in school; Drunk, beer to class.

4. Organize or participate in illegal meetings, demonstrations or lawsuits against large numbers of people; participate in social evils, disrupt security, order and safety at school or in society.

5. Illegally organizing or participating in racing or mobilizing.

6. Organize gambling in any form.

7. Producing, trading, transporting, spreading, hoarding, using or enticing others to use weapons, explosives, narcotics, pharmaceuticals, banned chemicals; documents, publications, reactionary, depraved information and other prohibited materials according to the State’s regulations; organizing, participating in, and spreading superstitious and religious activities in the school and other ethical violations.

8. Establishing or participating in illegal political activities; organize and participate in collective activities in the name of a higher education institution without the permission of the head of the higher education department.

9. Posting, commenting, sharing articles and images with pornographic, violent, depraved content, infringing on national security, opposing the Party and State, distorting, slandering, insulting the prestige organization’s reputation, reputation, and personal qualities online.

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10. Organizing or participating in other illegal activities.”

3. Sample record of student card delivery and receipt:





Today, ………..month…year 20….. at the Student Affairs and Politics Department, we include:




Representative of the unit: ………….





Representative of the unit: ………….


The transferor has transferred to the receiver the total number of: ………….student card.

(In words: ……card)

The minutes are made in 02 copies, each party keeps 01 copy.


4. Guidelines for drafting the Protocol:

The protocol writer must ensure the accuracy of the protocol in both form and content, the content of the protocol must ensure all the necessary elements.

The national title and title part is a mandatory part of the protocol’s form, located right below the national title and title, in the middle will be the name of the Protocol, the name of the Protocol presents the contents of the Protocol. Protocol. protocol, specifically this is the content of the protocol “Distributing student cards”.

The minutes maker must clearly state the date, month and year of making the minutes, and the place where the minutes are made.

About the information of the protocol component: the protocol component includes the student card issuer and student card recipient. Information about representatives of both parties is recorded completely and accurately, including full name, position, representative unit, and contact phone number.

The content of the protocol specifies the transfer time and the number of transfers.

The two parties confirm and sign the protocol, once signed, the protocol cannot be changed in both content and form, so the representatives of the transmitter and the receiver must confirm receipt of the protocol. before signing.

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