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Topic: Write an essay about your feelings about bamboo in the Essay on Bamboo by writer Steel Moi?

Everyone’s childhood is often associated with bamboo, because bamboo is always around us: on the village road, on the dike, in the garden… Bamboo is also a material in our family every day such as: bamboo poles. , bamboo bed, bamboo table and chair…

Therefore, the bamboo tree seems to be a species of tree that is deeply engraved in the mind of each person like the verse: Green bamboo, ever green…

Here are my writings and thoughts about the bamboo trees we collect:

Lesson 1. Tran Thanh Tam wrote an essay about her feelings about bamboo:

The Vietnamese bamboo tree is a typical work of writer Steel Moi. The image of bamboo in the work is the quality of Vietnamese people, the spirit of Vietnamese bamboo is the spirit of the Vietnamese nation on every historical journey, the heart of bamboo is the soul of the Vietnamese working people. …

Reading the text Bamboo tree in Vietnam, we come across the image of a bamboo tree that is very close to the workers, the bamboo tree is imprinted in our souls, it is a close friend of the farmers and people of Vietnam. The author has emphasized the position of bamboo in the hearts of people. Bamboo is very rustic, simple but is mentioned more than thousands of other trees. Although our country has many precious trees, the most attached to people is still bamboo. Bamboo covers villages, bamboo is present all over the country, bamboo is close to people.

The author has made a very subtle discovery about the bamboo family. Although there are dozens of different types, they all have one thing in common: sprouts of bamboo shoots grow straight. The bamboo is tall and slender, the color is bright green, the leaves are pointed and smooth. When growing up, bamboo is strong, supple, bamboo looks tall, simple and spirited like a hard-working person.

My thoughts about bamboo – Illustration

Although rustic, Vietnamese bamboo has a beauty like the depth of the human soul. Bamboo is the beauty of the homeland landscape, the beauty of a long-standing culture. Under the shade of bamboo, the village appears very beautiful, a peaceful and peaceful beauty. Especially the dignified beauty of the pagoda roofs looming under the shade of green bamboo, the poetic beauty of the golden moon floating on the bamboo tops. The beautiful image of bamboo is not only like that, not merely the color of green leaves, not only the leaning shape embracing the village, but the beauty of bamboo is diligence and simplicity. The farmer considers bamboo as his right hand:

Our fields are five, two, three crops
Bamboo with hard workers all year round.

Bamboo is a friend of farmers, bamboo shares sweetness with people, bamboo is a soul mate for all ages, bamboo is attached to old age, a plow helps the elderly in the village enjoy smoking and remember. the previous crop, think of the next crop, or think of a beautiful tomorrow. Bamboo brings joy to children, the flute or string is enough to help us children have fun. Bamboo brings happiness to every couple:

This latte packs green banh chung
Let me get the bamboo tomorrow, let me marry her.

More special is the image of bamboo in combat. Bamboo sticks, bamboo sticks, bamboo arrows have won the enemy from the very beginning. Bamboo carries the spirit of a national guard soldier who is running around and around: protecting the village, keeping the country, keeping the peace and happiness for many people. The image of the bamboo tree is so proud.

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The war has passed, bamboo returns to its graceful beauty. Bamboo whispers songs in the middle of a quiet village, bamboo sings songs of construction in a vibrant life looking to the future. Bamboo proudly stands in the middle of the victory greeting.

In the future, bamboo remains forever. Young bamboo shoots are always on the badges of school uniforms and shirts of Vietnamese youth. That is the image of young people growing up. Bamboo remains forever with the Vietnamese people, as well as the enduring strength that remains forever with generations. Bamboo always helps people, bamboo makes a white page to contain many sources of knowledge, bamboo makes a soft cradle to nurture children, bamboo products will go everywhere to beautify life.

The image of Vietnamese bamboo is noble: industrious, indomitable, faithful. Bamboo sticks with people, with workers and fights, with people to build and protect the Fatherland. The image of the Vietnamese bamboo tree is the image of the country and the Vietnamese people. The quality of bamboo is the quality of Vietnamese patriots. I wish that their bamboo house will be forever green, a green color of the soul, of culture, of a beautiful life that is looking to the future. As poet Nguyen Duy said:

Bamboo green land forever green bamboo green color.


Lesson 2. Huynh Quoc Dung wrote an essay about his feelings about bamboo:

An essay on Vietnamese bamboo was written in 1956 by journalist and writer Steel Moi, to narrate the film Vietnamese bamboo by some Polish cinematographers. Proud inspiration, talented writing style have created the lyrical quality of this prose.

Opening the lesson is a sentence of 18 words, New Steel introduces the bamboo tree in our people’s soul, it is a close, close, loving friend. Impressive sentence: Bamboo is a close friend of Vietnamese farmers, a close friend of the Vietnamese people.

Essay about my feelings about bamboo

My thoughts about bamboo – Illustration

In the second part, the author talks about bamboo in the material and spiritual life, in production, in the soul, in the fighting of Vietnamese farmers and the Vietnamese people over a long period of history. Beautiful, rich ideas, varied and attractive expressions and voices have given bamboo a special place in each of us.

Our country belongs to the tropics, full of sunshine, lush green plants, thousands of different types of flowers. The author compares to praise the position of bamboo in the hearts of people: Any tree is beautiful, any tree is precious, but the most familiar is still bamboo. Bamboo is present in all parts of the country: Dong Nai, Viet Bac, Dien Bien Phu, is an intimate bamboo rampart in my village. Bamboo is anthropomorphized, becoming close to love: everywhere we have bamboo as friends.

Relatives of bamboo houses are very crowded: bamboo, cork, bamboo, apricot, and dozens of different types, but have a similarity, that is the same sprout of bamboo shoots that grow straight. A subtle, tasteful find. Bamboo has an extremely strong vitality wherever bamboo lives, everywhere bamboo is green. Fifteen years later, poet Nguyen Duy also had touching verses about the vitality of bamboo:

Everywhere bamboo is green

Even if the soil is gravel, the lime soil is discolored.

(Vietnamese Bamboo)

Looking at the shape of bamboo, the color of bamboo, the proliferation of bamboo, the writer discovered many unique beauties of bamboo such as rustic, gentle, sturdy, supple and firm. The anthropomorphized bamboo becomes a bright symbol: Bamboo looks tall, simple, and personable. The quality of bamboo is also the quality of Vietnamese people in the past.

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Steel Moi quotes To Huu’s verse: The cool bamboo shade from which to express the beauty of the village’s bamboo ramparts, a peaceful beauty of the country: The bamboo shadow covers the village, hamlet, hamlet, hamlet. . Bamboo is the beauty of the village scenery, the beauty of the nation’s long-standing culture, the hard-working and peaceful life of our people through thousands of years of history. Words, images: bamboo shadow, under the bamboo shadow of thousands of years old, under the green bamboo shade, … are copied and re-interpreted to create a gentle voice with immense expressiveness:

Under the bamboo shade of thousands of years ago, the roofs of ancient houses and pagodas are low. Under the shade of green bamboo, we preserve a long-standing culture. Under the shade of green bamboo, long since moved, Vietnamese plowing people built houses, built doors, broke fields, reclaimed Bamboo to live with people, forever and ever. The green color of bamboo is also the color of the soul, the color of time, the color of culture, the color of loyalty.

The arm is a metaphor praising the bamboo tree as an industrious friend in a farmer’s labor, once sharing the sweet, sunny days with the farmers in Vuong Nam:

Our fields are five, two, three crops

Bamboo with people who work hard around the village.

Talking about the handmade bamboo mill New Steel is reminiscent of a hard time. The prose sentence is cut into short, three- or four-word sentences with rhyme, in order to create an association about the backward economy and the poor life of our people after a century of colonial rule: Coi. milled bamboo / heavily turned from, millennia ago / milled a handful of rice.

Bamboo is anthropomorphized: Bamboo lives with people, bamboo … helps people…, bamboo still has to work hard with people, bamboo is family,… From an object, bamboo becomes a mind soul, whose soul is attached to the hard, prosperous and happy life of our people in the flow of time. Bamboo is attached to the people’s sentiments. Lat Giang is soft to wrap banh chung; its existence in the wedding as “tightening” the intimate love of the country; loyal. The writing style of New Steel is very talented, the poetic way of leading the poem is interesting and interesting.

Giang split, tied soft, tight like lame love in the beginning often felt young under the shade of bamboo and bamboo:

This latte packs green banh chung

Let me get the bamboo tomorrow, let me marry her.

The bamboo plow makes old age fun, the bamboo cradle is the warmth and happiness of childhood, the idyllic bamboo bed is attached to everyone, everyone lives together, dies together, and is faithful. Through the bamboo tree, the author praises loyalty as a noble moral of the nation.

Bamboo is a close friend, a family member is a farmer’s arm, and bamboo is a confidant of all ages. Bamboo is also “my fighting comrade” in the resistance war. Bamboo grows straight, even though it burns, it is still straight, which is the unyielding stance of Vietnamese people. The bamboo stick and bamboo stick are our very powerful weapons to fight the enemy, creating our national heroic feats and traditions. New Steel has used the join in ancient prose very creatively:

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In the beginning, there was not an inch of iron in hand, bamboo was everything, bamboo was a weapon. For thousands of generations, grateful for the cane that built the Fatherland Citadel! And the indomitable Red River has a bamboo stack. In the following passage, bamboo is anthropomorphized with the spirit of a farmer wearing a soldier’s shirt, a brave heroic warrior. The word “bamboo” is repeated 7 times, the short sentence repeatedly describes the fighting atmosphere and the crisp victory of our army and people during the 9 years of resistance against the French.

Bamboo sticks, bamboo poles against the iron and steel of the enemy. Bamboo assault on tanks and artillery. Bamboo keeps the village, keeps the water, keeps the thatched roof, keeps the rice fields ripe. Bamboo sacrifices to protect people. Tre, labor heroes! Bamboo, the fighting hero!.

This is one of the most magnificent passages, bearing an epic tone in modern Vietnamese prose. The atmosphere, the history of the times, the miraculous victory of Dien Bien Phu brought the power of the pen of Steel Moi.

The music of bamboo is country music. The music of the village’s bamboo groves vibrates in the wind, the kite, the bamboo leaf, the bamboo flute, the bamboo flute in the middle of the high sky. The prose rich in music and poetry gives us many emotions and impressions:

Flying kites, bamboo leaf kites flying back to the sky…

Bamboo flute, bamboo flute echoes the sky..

The wind brings the flute, the wind lifts the kite

The sky is high, the fields are vast, please listen

listen to the high sky singing of bamboo, of bamboo…

The third part of the essay is about the future bamboo. As a rule of eternal life: Old bamboo shoots grow. Young bamboo shoots will remain on the badges on the chest of Vietnamese children. Bamboo, cork will be forever… still… forever… with our people, “sharing sweets” with our people in happiness and peace.

The country will be industrialized and modernized, there will be a lot of iron and steel, but bamboo will still live forever in the nation’s soul. The shade of green bamboo, the song of the heart of bamboo, the gate to welcome victory, the bamboo swings, the sound of bamboo kite flutes still live with our country and people on the long miles of singing tomorrows…

The Vietnamese bamboo tree, the green bamboo with many qualities of humility, uprightness, loyalty, and courage is the noble symbol of the Vietnamese nation.” The New Steel has given the best words to praise the bamboo tree with all both love and pride for the homeland, the country and the people of Vietnam.

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