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Topic: The great hero of Vietnam, a famous celebrity in the world, write an essay about your feelings about Uncle Ho to see the outstanding strategies, silently sacrificed for the people, for the sake of the people. Uncle’s country?

To get to this day, many generations have sacrificed, accepted many losses to gain freedom and liberate the country. In particular, the heroic leader Ho Chi Minh suffered many sacrifices and hardships to get us where we are today.

Therefore, our young generation today must respect and be proud of the heroic history of the nation. Proud because we have a talented leader, a cultural celebrity admired by the world.

My writings and thoughts about Uncle Ho have been collected for your reference:

Lesson 1. Essay about Uncle Ho by Vu Thanh Van:

Vietnam is proud of Uncle Ho because Uncle Ho is the crystallization of the traditional quintessence of the national identity. Our people have seen in Uncle Ho the most beautiful Vietnamese people and people around the world associate the name of Vietnam with the name of President Ho Chi Minh: Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh.

With the role of a revolutionary leader, Uncle Ho has successfully completed his mission to the people and the country. Uncle Ho is the founder of the Communist Party of Vietnam, with the Party leading the way for the nation to rise up to break the shackles of colonial and feudal slavery and gain the right to live freely. The old communist soldier Nguyen Ai Quoc became the first President of the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, with sovereign and sacred independence. If our nation’s thirty-year career of fighting against aggression and defending the Fatherland is compared to a ship in the middle of a stormy ocean, President Ho Chi Minh is a talented and wise captain. , brought the ship through the stormy seas and landed in glory.

My thoughts about Uncle Ho – Illustration

The victory of Dien Bien Phu in May 1954 and the victory of the Ho Chi Minh campaign on April 30, 1975, honored the heroic, indomitable Vietnamese people who, despite their small size, defeated two colonialists and emperors. The “giant” countries are France and the United States. Vietnam has become a shining example for the oppressed peoples of the world to follow.

Uncle Ho’s revolutionary career was as great as the mountains and the sea, but Uncle Ho lived a very simple and wonderfully pure life. During his life of seventy-nine springs, he devoted everything to the people and the country. The passionate saying, if it is clear that Uncle Ho’s great goals and ideals have touched the hearts of many people: I have only one desire, the ultimate desire is that our people all have food to eat and wear. That purpose, that ideal is a source of boundless strength, urging Uncle Ho to think, act and dedicate his life to the people and the country.

Uncle Ho’s simple lifestyle is very close to people’s lives. The meal consisted of only a few dishes of braised fish, boiled vegetables, salted eggplant… The accommodation is a simple wooden house on stilts, surrounded by gardens and fish ponds. Uncle Ho’s concept of life is: I am for everyone, so I take dedication as my joy and happiness. Respecting and loving Uncle, poet To Huu praised: .

Uncle lived like our heaven and earth,
Love each blade of rice, each branch of flower.
Freedom for every slave,
Milk for children, silk for the elderly.
Like a mountain peak that hides itself,
In the green forest, hate vanity.
I hope my children grow up quickly,
Following in his father’s footsteps, keeping up with me.

(Follow Uncle’s footsteps)

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Uncle Ho’s humility and simplicity have become legendary. After Uncle Ho passed away, the house on stilts where Uncle Ho stayed was opened wide to welcome people from all over the country and international friends to visit. There is no one who is not moved by the objects that have stuck with Uncle Uncle for most of his life: the typewriter and the old clock on the desk, the worn-out rubber sandals…

Rattan beds, single sedge mats and pillows.
Small closet just hanging a few worn shirts…

Uncle never demanded maximum material conditions for himself. In contrast, Uncle Ho was serene and optimistic in a life of need, thrift, integrity, righteousness, justice, and impartiality, but what he left behind for the people and the country could be compared with the high mountains and the wide sea.

Commenting on Uncle Ho, the Chinese literary critic Quach Mat Nhuoc wrote: Ho Chi Minh was a great man of great wisdom, great man, great courage. With outstanding wisdom, Uncle Ho has: Two hands built a fortune. It was a glorious revolutionary cause, marking a milestone in the nation’s history of nation building and defense. Because he loved his country, loved the people in poverty, and was miserable in the slavery of the colonialists and feudalists, Uncle Ho left the country to find a way to save the country.
The immense love is the source of thought, the fighting strength and the victory of Uncle Ho on the revolutionary path:

Uncle, your heart is so big,
Embrace the whole river, all human lives

(Following Uncle – To Huu).

From the bottom of his soul, every Vietnamese citizen realizes that:

He is Father, Uncle, and Brother.
A big heart filters hundreds of small blood streams

(To Huu).

Before going far into eternity, Uncle Ho wrote in his Will: I leave a lot of love for the whole Party, army, people, teenagers and children… Uncle Ho’s departure is a great loss. Great loss nothing can compensate. Uncle has incarnated into the rivers, mountains, sea and sky … of the country of Vietnam that he always loved.

When it comes to President Ho Chi Minh, people around the world love and admire him, and enemies also have to bow down in respect because Uncle Ho is the most vivid embodiment of the tradition of indomitable heroism against foreign invaders. Hatred for war, love for peace, efforts to contribute to a peace and prosperity of all mankind, these have created Uncle Ho’s great influence and persuasion. Uncle Ho has been conferred the noble title of Peace Soldier by the World Peace Council, a cultural celebrity of humanity.

President Ho Chi Minh brought glory to the Vietnamese nation, the Vietnamese people. Subsequent generations followed the right revolutionary path that Uncle Ho had guided, turning his burning desire into reality: liberating the South, reunifying the country, and building a richer and richer Fatherland. strong enough to compete with the great powers of the five continents.


Lesson 2. Essay about Uncle Ho by Nguyen Khanh Ly:

Uncle is the pride of the Vietnamese nation. Uncle Ho, the beloved old father of the nation, sacrificed all his life for the people for the country. Uncle is a great leader of the people. Uncle symbolizes the good quintessence of the Vietnamese nation. Remembering people, how much I respect and appreciate Uncle Uncle.

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The son of Sen village in Nghe An was born on May 19, 1890 in a patriotic Confucian family. Since childhood, he was very intelligent and hardworking. However, Uncle Ho grew up in a situation where the country was ruled by the French colonialists. Witnessing so many cruel and brutal scenes of the enemy’s heartache. In 1911, Uncle Ho went to find a way to save the country. Uncle Ho’s revolutionary life was a long journey with many difficulties and hardships. Thirty years of traveling abroad to find a way to liberate the nation and secretly revolutionary activities before CMT8 succeeded. Nine years of resistance against the French, Uncle Ho together with the Vietnamese people suffered many hardships. Uncle Ho spent his whole life for his motherland.

Essay about my thoughts about Uncle Ho

My thoughts about Uncle Ho – Illustration

Uncle is the head of a country. Uncle Ho led the Vietnamese people during the two wars of resistance against the French and Americans. The light of the revolution, who found the way to guide the Vietnamese people from one victory to another. The successful CMT8 event is a testament to Uncle Ho’s right revolutionary path. It was Uncle Ho who read the Declaration of Independence giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. During the revolutionary career, Uncle Ho always guided the way for the Vietnamese revolution. Compared with revolutionaries in the early 20th century such as Phan Boi Chau and Phan Chau Trinh, Uncle Ho was successful. Uncle has followed the path of the two seniors, bringing many beautiful springs to the country. Uncle’s actions have reaffirmed that Uncle is a talented leader of the nation.

The hero has a heart for humanity, knows how to dedicate himself to the nation, knows how to fight for independence, freedom, and happiness for everyone. Uncle Ho is indeed a hero of national liberation. To find the way to national liberation, Uncle Ho went through many hardships on the road of revolutionary activities. 30 years long up and down in a foreign land, that time is not a short time. He did enough jobs to earn a living. While studying in the revolutionary activities, he endured many hardships and trials to find the light of the Revolution. When he was imprisoned in a Chinese prison, he was deprived of hundreds of surfaces.

“The body is in the dungeon
Spirit is outside
Want to have a great career
Morale must be higher.”

During secret revolutionary activities in the Viet Bac war zone, Uncle Ho and the people together endured many material and spiritual deprivations, but were still filled with joy.

“In the morning, go to the stream bank and enter the cave in the evening
Cement sheath vegetable porridge is ready
The stone table stands against the Party’s history
Life truly is revolutionary to “

All his life, Uncle thought only of the people and the country. 79 springs in Uncle Ho’s life, who devoted himself to the cause of national liberation, choosing love for the children and the people of the country, thanks to which Uncle Ho led the Revolution from victory to victory. other benefits. The Dien Bien Phu victory shocked friends in five continents around the world.

” Nine years is a Dien Bien
Therefore, the rim of the flower is red, so the history is golden.”

Uncle opened a new life for the country. The North was independent, the people mastered their lives and mastered their homeland. The South continued the resistance war against the US to save the country. Uncle Ho also led the Vietnamese Revolution in the final campaign for great victory in the spring of 1975. North and South reunited, the country united. Thanks to Uncle Uncle, our people got rid of the slavery situation, the people were full and happy

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Uncle Ho’s life is not only associated with the revolution, but he is also an outstanding poet and writer. He was conferred the title of world cultural celebrity. A cultural celebrity is a person who has profound knowledge in all aspects and has made great contributions to the country in terms of spirit and material, meaning the whole world. Indeed, his life was not only associated with the Revolution but also with literary works. Uncle wrote many unique works of content and art. While living in France, Uncle Ho wrote a newspaper for the poor and delivered a fierce attack on colonialism, charting the revolutionary path and the bright future of the oppressed peoples. During his arrest in the Chinese prison, Uncle Ho wrote a diary of 133 articles with what he had seen and heard. Living in the midst of work, Uncle Ho is still optimistic, loves life, and is not discouraged before difficulties and hardships. When in the Viet Bac war zone, Uncle and his comrades operated in secret. In the early days of the revolution, when he was extremely poor, Uncle still recorded many thoughts, feelings, wills and beliefs through the song “The scene of Pac Bo, the scene of the night”.

Even though his poems are written in prose in Nom or Han characters, their content is still simple to go deep into people’s hearts and especially the way of writing is lively, sexy and concise, showing the literary talent. learn the excellence of each person a lesson . Uncle Ho always cared about sharing the joy of victory with the people to encourage the fighting spirit of the nation in the moment of celebrating the New Year. Uncle Ho left behind many works of suicide, which over time contributed to enriching the country’s literature. Uncle is very deserving of the title bestowed by the world.

The above statements about Uncle are absolutely correct. Uncle Ho is a talented leader, a national liberation hero, a world cultural celebrity. The whole Vietnamese nation forever respects Uncle Ho and is proud of him. Du has gone far, but he still lives forever in the hearts of Vietnamese people and world friends today and in the future.

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